Let’s not make any changes – let’s make only improvements.

Wally Byam

And so it began, a step towards realisation.

Like all good ideas, they’re in constant flux as you learn and adapt to circumstances which arise. So we’d be lying if we said we knew exactly what The Mobile Room was going to look like when our Airstream was an empty and slightly tatty shell!

Still, anyone who’s ever done any decorating or home improvement will know that there are four main stages of a renovation. First, you sort out the shell. Second, put in your internal structure. Next, cover and decorate. Finally, put in your finishing touches, your fixtures and your fittings.

You can see from our photos how the empty shell of the Airstream would look. What we’ve done is preserve some of the original heritage appearance of the trailer – the sparkling aluminium, the aesthetics of the rivets – and combined it with modern panelling, stylish seats and a multimedia table (edged with rivets too, you’ll notice) to create a space which we feel does justice to the original.

It’s been one heck of a job, to create a room with lights and decor which suits a wide variety of occasions. And an inspiring experience, one which we think Wally himself would have been pleased to see.

Hats off to the boys at American Retro Caravans for the work they’ve done. Take a look on Twitter to see what other fabulous renovations they’ve been working on.