America’s an inspiring country – they pursue their dreams and turn them into reality. That “yes you can” attitude is what made The Mobile Room come into existence.

A few years ago I was inspired by Wally Byam’s unfailing sense of fun and adventure in a book by Bryan Burkhart and David Hunt called “Airstream: the history of the land yacht”. You can find out more about Wally, the founder of Airstream, on our About page – clearly an amazing guy.

So I had a dream, something like The Mobile Room as it is today. Then we found a beauty for sale – a 1974 Land Yacht, the flagship model in her day – albeit perhaps a little neglected (we’re the masters of understatement) and in need of a loving home and some TLC.

But, as they say, dream big….or go home!

What started as a passion has now evolved into a business. It’s been an emotional experience with the dream the reward, and today’s reality is a big shiny aluminium trailer decked out with a fully modern interior.

The work itself wasn’t something to be taken lightly. So we got some help, from the amazing team at American Retro Caravans.

And what a great job they’ve done. They climbed into our dream, shared our vision and turned an old and unloved lady into a gleaming queen of the road. So here we are, ready to roll and looking forward to starting the next chapter.

Dreaming is nothing without action…