PTA Mobile Tax List 2022 Latest

PTA Mobile Tax List 2022 Latest

PTA Mobile Tax List 2022 Latest: On August 22, 2022, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) raised the mobile tax and the rate of tariffs on the import of new mobile phones into Pakistan. The federal government is trying to limit the importation of cell phones into the region while promoting local manufacturing to retain vital foreign currency. As a result, these taxes and duties have experienced a considerable increase.

PTA Mobile Tax List 2022 Latest

Pakistani mobile networks will not accept imported mobile phones without approval from the PTA Tax. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) launched the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS), a system designed to detect refusing to comply devices on local mobile networks. It automatically registers conforming mobile broadband handsets and eventually deactivates – anti-devices unless PTA Tax isn’t paid on time.

Here is how to check a PTA approved mobile phone’s IMEI number online or via a code

  • SMS-based verification
    Send the mobile device’s IMEI directly to 8484, and the system will respond with the device’s status.
  • Leveraging a website to verify
    To check the status of your IMEI, visit
  • App-based verification
    You may verify the status of the IMEI using the DVS (Device Verification System) app, which is accessible on the Google Play store.
    Please make sure that the IMEI displayed on the mobile device screen matches the one stated on the product box before authenticating the device via DIRBS.
    The response “IMEI is compliant” will appear if your mobile device has been confirmed.
    You could receive any of the following outcomes depending on the compliance status:
PTA Mobile Tax List 2022 Latest
  • Compliant
  • Non-compliant
  • Blocked

The DIRBS System:

The DIRBS system was first made available on December 1, 2018. To keep their mobile phones functional on local mobile networks, foreign travellers arriving in Pakistan can register them by paying the PTA Tax on their imported mobile devices. Individuals can register their mobile phones with the PTA at an airport kiosk, or they can do so later by paying the PTA tax online or at bank branches.

There’s a lot of confusion about how much PTA tax you have to pay for mobile phones, and here, instead of the complicated PTA Tax Calculator, you will find a table with detailed information on the amount of tax owed on mobile phones based on their US value.

PTA Mobile Tax List 2022 Latest

Assisting Pakistan’s visitors, it is vital to mention that registration of mobile phones with PTA is less expensive on passports within 60 days of arrival; however, PTA Tax is higher for people bringing mobile phones into the country without travelling abroad. It is important to note that the federal government’s execution of the mini-budget has resulted in a rise in the PTA Tax on mobile phones. The table below displays the new PTA taxes on cell phones.

Mobile PTA Tax Calculator (Passport):

Mobile Phone Value in USD  PTA Tax in Pak Rupees (PKR)  
$1 to $30          Rs. 430
$31 to $100    Rs. 3200
$101 to $200                                        Rs. 9580
$201 to $350                                              Rs. 12200 + 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem
$351 to $500                                              Rs. 17800 + 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem
$351 to $500                                              Rs. 36870 + 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem

Sales Tax Ad Valorem, what’s that?

When paying annual PTA Tax for approval of their smartphone, users will be charged a base tax plus a 17% sales tax depending on the physical worth of the smartphone because Ad Valorem Sales Tax is collected on the monetary value of the taxable item. It thus means that the new PTA Taxes for smartphone approval will vary according to the device and will be dependent on the phone’s value.

Calculator for PTA tax on mobile phones (CNIC)

Mobile Phone Value in USD  PTA Tax in Pak Rupees (PKR)  
$1 to $30Rs. 550
$31 to $100    Rs. 4323
$101 to $200                                        Rs. 11561
$201 to $350                                              Rs. 14661 + 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem
$351 to $500Rs. 23420 + 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem
$351 to $500Rs. 37007 + 17% Sales Tax Ad Valorem

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