Forget the Take That tune. This has been a labour of love, rolling back the years to get our Airstream looking as smart as the day she rolled off the production line back in 1974.

Airstream shells are made of aluminum – it’s metal with an unbeatable strength to weight ratio, making it perfect for use in transport. Japanese trains, many racing bicycles, airship frames and even aircraft are made of it.

It’s also really resistant to corrosion, but even though it doesn’t rust it does oxidise in the air, forming a layer or aluminium oxide on the surface which darkens the metal. So while it doesn’t corrode like rust eats away at iron, it does need a good polish once in a while.

Chemistry lesson over. What it means is that you can really make these beauties shine up. And once you’ve seen a freshly polished Airstream, it’s hard to look at anything made of aluminium in the same way again. The mirror finish on that vintage streamline shape is nothing short of stunning.

Then you’ve got the rivets (3,000 of them, buck rivets, if you’re interested) and seams, which we think are the metal equivalent of a hand-stitched leather seat on a luxury car. A gorgeous mixture of the handmade and the industrial.

Polishing is labour intensive and no doubt a few coffees were needed in the making of our beautiful Airstream! But we hope you’ll agree, it was oh so worth it…