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Andy Stanton
Managing DirectorAndy had an idea 10 years ago. This is the culmination of it - a mobile meeting room in the form of an Airstream! He loves it and his team are amazing and very carefully considered.
Leeann Davies
Marketing DirectorLeeann controls the project, loves the Airstream - she is the 'go-to' person, the marketing expert, details-orientated and also an incredibly efficient project manager. She rocks!
Lindsay Cox
Operations DirectorLindsay takes care of operations and delivery of the Airstream (combined truck and Airstream is over 13 metres long). It's a tricky manoeuvring exercise but he makes it look simple!
Peter Baker
Finance DirectorPeter is a very experienced Finance Director. He tells us how to behave financially and gives us a bit of discipline! Critical to our team and the invaluable input is not just financial advice!
Nikki Kirk
Associate Creative DirectorNikki helps us work out how to put this wonderful mobile room in front of you for your delectation. She's along for the Airstream 'journey' and helps us with our thought process!
Serial no: GB1
Director of AluminiumI was born in 1974 and perfectly renovated in 2019. I'm pretty cool if I say so myself. Being the star of the show I think I look amazing inside and out! Yes, I'm a show off. When you look this good...

Our Airstream dream

This Airstream is the 1970s version of the caravan which is up there alongside the Coca Cola bottle and the Zippo lighter as American style icons. Lovingly restored, meticulously renovated and cunningly redesigned.

We know that business is changing, to be more dynamic and mobile, and that there’s a growing appetite in society for returns to heritage and quality. So we thought the time was ripe to create something with a wow factor – an inspirational, warm and inviting environment unlike any meeting or party space that anyone has seen before.

The fact is, stuff like this doesn’t get made any more. You’d struggle to find anything modern which inspires as much joy and personality, innovation and style, as the Airstream does. It’s like the e-Type Jag, or Concorde – timeless icons of a bygone era when style was king.

So, we thought we’d have some fun with it. We thought we’d offer something a bit different from your normal corporate away-day venues, your common co-working spaces, your marquees and your Air BnBs. If you’re looking for something fresh and inspiring, memorable and beautiful (we particularly like the aluminium hub caps) then we reckon we’ve got something you’ll struggle to beat.

We’re proud to be writing another chapter in this Airstream’s story. We’d love you to come and be part of it.

Wally Byam

We’ve got to give a shout out to Wally Byam as the founder of Airstream Inc. – he was born almost 125 years ago and died back in 1962. But boy, has he left his legacy.

Wallace Merle “Wally” Byam (1896-1962) grew up in the state of Oregon and spent his teenage years as a shepherd, living in a two-wheeled cart fitted out with a kerosene stove, a sleeping bag and a washing pail. Sound familiar?

Later, a DIY magazine he published ran a feature on how to build a travel trailer. Readers complained about the flawed instructions so Wally tried following them himself. They were right, as it turned out, so Wally went to the drawing board and designed his own version. Following  the crash of 1929, The Airstream Company was incorporated in 1930.

In 1936, Wally’s company introduced the Clipper, a new style of riveted aluminium trailer – based more on the aircraft of its day than on its travel trailer predecessors. Air conditioned and with lights, room for four sleepers and its own water supply, it became massively popular despite the costs.

The rest, as they say, is history. Airstream was the only trailer company which survived the Great Depression and it reopened following WWII, spreading to the east coast of the US with a factory in Ohio which opened in 1952.

Wally died in 1962 and has a memorial in Glendale California. His legacy lives on. We like to think he’d be proud to see The Mobile Room finding a use for this caravan, a purpose as contemporary as the design was when it was first conceived.

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